Charges Dismissed Against Doctor in Drug Case

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The State Attorney’s Office has abandoned all charges against a physician client represented by Nicholson & Eastin, LLP. The physician had been charged with drug trafficking, operating a pain clinic without a license, and receiving drugs without the required pedigree documents. The family practice physician was facing a 25-year minimum mandatory sentence if convicted.

Mr. Nicholson secured the abandonment of the charges by demonstrating that the physician had followed accepted treatment protocols in prescribing controlled substances, by establishing that the drug pedigree requirements had actually been met, and pointing out that the section of the pain clinic statute the state was relying on was not actually in effect at the time the doctor worked at the clinic.

The physician had a long and distinguished career before taking the short-term position in the pain clinic, and the State Attorney’s Office properly recognized that the physician should not have been forced to trial to prove his innocence.

The Firm’s founding partner, Mr. Nicholson, has handled a number of pain clinic and drug diversion cases and has lectured on the topic at both government and private industry training sessions. If you are facing a drug diversion case or investigation, please contact us for a consultation.