Firm Helps Florida RN Successfully Defend Against Allegations of Nurse Practice Act Violation

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The Firm successfully defended a registered nurse’s license in connection with allegations by the Florida Department of Health that she may have violated the Nurse Practice Act by practicing below the standard of care.  More specifically, a travel nurse on assignment in the State of Florida was falsely accused of improperly discontinuing a PICC line which is a significant medical event commonly placed for a lengthy period.  Oftentimes, travel nurses and locum tenens physicians are falsely blamed for the negligent conduct of hospital and practice employees in an effort to shift liability.

The Florida Board of Nursing’s Probable Cause Panel considered the Firm’s rebuttal of the allegations and found No Probable Cause of a violation of the Nurse Practice Act, directing the case against her to be closed. The finding and case closure led to the allegations against the client remaining confidential and exempt from disclosure under Florida public records law.

RN License Investigations in Florida

The Florida Department of Health Investigation Services Unit (ISU) processes and investigates complaints against nurses, doctors, and other licensed health care professionals. The licensee generally receives notification of an investigation or complaint against their Florida nursing license in writing via mail or email. The letter informs the licensee of the allegations and provides nurses with 20 days to submit a written response to the Department of Health, or to schedule an interview with a Department of Health investigator. Failure to timely respond to a Florida nursing license investigation can result in the issuance of an Administrative Complaint against your RN license. The Administrative Complaint becomes public record and is available for viewing on the licensee’s profile within the Department of Health’s license verification search. An Administrative Complaint against you can result in significant negative consequences and jeopardize your Florida RN license, potentially triggering discipline in other states in which you are licensed.

Florida Department of Health investigations can be a highly complex process for nurses and other health care professionals to navigate. The process involves specific legal jargon and necessitates the gathering of certain documents and adherence to important deadlines. If you are facing an RN license investigation in Florida, it is critical to find the right type of attorney to defend your license.

Nursing License Defense Attorney in Florida

The attorneys of Nicholson & Eastin regularly represent physicians, chiropractors, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare providers before the Florida Department of Health, Florida Board of Medicine, Florida Board of Nursing, and various other professional licensing boards. If you are accused of violating the Nurse Practice Act, are facing a Florida nursing license discipline matter, have received notice of a Florida Department of Health investigation against you, or have questions about a potential RN license discipline case before the Florida Board of Nursing, please do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate your case.