License Investigation Alleging Gross Negligence By Anesthesiologist Closed with Finding of No Probable Cause

Posted on Firm News, Professional Licensure Investigations by Robert Nicholson

The Firm successfully defended an anesthesiologist against allegations that he “grossly mismanaged” a patient’s anesthesia care during a procedure that ultimately resulted in the patient having heart failure and the procedure being aborted.  The patient expired several days later.

The Firm fully investigated the allegations at issue, engaged an expert witness, and prepared a rebuttal statement that highlighted evidence that confirmed that the client had properly managed the patient’s care and had not violated the Practice Act.  After consideration of the rebuttal statement prepared by the Firm, including the expert’s report, the Probable Cause Panel for the licensing board agreed and determined that probable cause did not exist and directed that the case against the physician be closed by the Florida Department of Health.

The health care law firm of Nicholson & Eastin, LLP regularly represents physicians, nurses, and other medical practitioners before the Florida Department of Health and the professional licensing boards.  If you have received a notice of a license investigation, or you are otherwise concerned about the possible existence of a licensure matter, please do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate your case.