Medicaid Fraud Investigation Against Nurse Practitioner Closed with No Charges

Posted on Firm News, Fraud Investigation by Robert Nicholson

The Firm successfully defended the Firm’s nurse practitioner client against allegations that the nurse practitioner had submitted false claims to the Medicaid Program in connection with medical and diagnostic services provided at the client’s medical clinic.  After a lengthy investigation, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit closed the investigation with no action being taken against the Firm’s client or the medical practice.

During the course of the investigation, the Firm assisted the client in providing information to the government that demonstrated a lack of false claims being submitted to Medicaid.  The Firm identified and investigated the allegations based upon the information requests received from the government, and identified evidence that demonstrated the nurse practitioner has not intentionally submitted any inaccurate claims, and had in fact been under paid on the claims in issue.  Ultimately, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit agreed with the Firm’s assessment and arguments, and closed the investigation with no action against the client.

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