Nicholson & Eastin Successfully Defends RN Associated With Nursing School Scam and Accused of Obtaining License by Fraud

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The Firm successfully defended the license of a Florida registered nurse wrongfully accused of obtaining her nursing license by fraud. The RN was one of many victims of a scam carried out by a criminal syndicate currently being prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice that involved alleged fraudulent nursing school transcripts and diplomas. The client was licensed in another state and had previously attended a separate, legitimate nursing degree program in that state prior to relocating to Florida. The client was caught up in the fraudulent nursing school scam when she sought to obtain transfer credit for a single class as part of her legitimate nursing degree program and in connection with her RN license application in Florida.

One of the co-conspirators being prosecuted in connection with the alleged nursing school fraud scheme recruited the client. The client then paid thousands of dollars for what she was told was her tuition and attended class at the nursing school, which at the time was approved by the State of Florida. The client passed the class and later successfully passed the NCLEX exam. She obtained licensure as an RN and did not learn that she had been a victim of the nursing school fraud scheme until she received notice of a Board of Nursing investigation against her Florida nursing license.

The attorneys of Nicholson & Eastin assisted her in responding to the Board of Nursing, providing supporting documentation demonstrating prior credits obtained from the legitimate degree program in another state, and offering additional evidence to prove that the client was the unwitting victim of a scam and had not in fact obtained her Florida RN license by fraud.  Upon consideration of Nicholson & Eastin’s response on behalf of the client, the Probable Cause Panel for the Board of Nursing determined that probable cause of a violation does not exist and directed the case be closed. As a result, the client remains a licensed RN and the Board’s investigation remains confidential and exempt from public records disclosure.

Florida Board of Nursing Investigation

The Florida Department of Health investigates complaints against health care providers and is responsible for enforcement actions against various health care professionals. In light of the federal charges against the individuals responsible for the scheme, The Florida Board of Nursing has been investigating licensees who attended these fraudulent nursing schools to determine which of them obtained licensure legitimately and which did not. Many licensees and victims of the nursing school fraud scheme receive a form for voluntary relinquishment of their nursing license along with the Board of Nursing’s notification of the investigation against them. If you legitimately obtained a license as an LPN or RN and were an unknowing victim of the recent fraudulent nursing school scheme before the court in the Southern District of Florida, the attorneys at Nicholson & Eastin, LLP may be able to assist you in defending your nursing license.

Nursing License Defense Attorney in Florida

The attorneys of Nicholson & Eastin routinely represent nurses in connection with investigations before the Board of Nursing. If you need assistance responding to a Florida Board of Nursing investigation or complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate your case.