The Firm Secures AHCA Exemption for Convicted Felon

Posted on Firm News April 11, 2022 by Erin Ferber

After being told by other attorneys not to bother applying for an exemption to work at a healthcare facility regulated by the Agency for Health Care Administration, an Office Administrator came to Nicholson & Eastin for help.  Almost twenty years following a federal felony conviction, the Office Administrator was almost forced to resign her position after completing a background screening that revealed the existence of the prior federal felony conviction.  In light of the length of time since the conviction and based on the specific circumstances surrounding the criminal case, Nicholson & Eastin determined an exemption was realistic and took an aggressive approach to the exemption process, submitting a robust application supported by numerous letters of support.  After reviewing the application and conducting a telephonic interview, the Agency for Health Care Administration granted the exemption from disqualification.

The Agency for Health Care Administration requires background screenings for certain individuals employed and/or contracted with a licensed facility, as well as for Medicaid enrolled providers.  Certain criminal offenses disqualify individuals from working for a licensed facility and/or prevent an individual from being enrolled as a Medicaid provider however, in certain circumstances the Agency for Health Care Administrator allows individuals to apply for an exemption from disqualification.

The law firm of Nicholson & Eastin, LLP, regularly represents healthcare professionals and individuals in the healthcare industry before the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Department of Children and Families.  If you have a prior criminal history that may disqualify you from being employed and/or contracted with a licensed facility or enrolling as a Medicaid provider, please do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate your case.