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RN With Mental Health History Successfully Obtains Nursing License in Florida

Posted on Firm News, Health Care Law News June 14, 2022 by Erin Ferber

The process of attempting to obtain a nursing or other healthcare license in the State of Florida can be overwhelming, especially if you have health, discipline, or criminal history that must be disclosed.  Such information must be disclosed whether you are applying for your first nursing license directly out of nursing school or you are Read more →

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Medical License Investigation Against Orthopedic Surgeon Closed with a Finding of No Probable Cause

Posted on Firm News, Professional Licensure Investigations May 24, 2022 by Parker Eastin

In connection with an investigation by the Florida Department of Health (DOH), the Firm successfully defended an Orthopedic Surgeon against allegations that he: (1) knowingly ordered and intentionally injected “counterfeit” drugs into certain patients, and (2) ordered a type of physical therapy treatment for all of his patients without regard to diagnosis or medical necessity, Read more →

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DOH Investigation Regarding Alleged Improper Balance Billing Closed With a Finding of No Probable Cause

Posted on Firm News, Health Care Law News May 13, 2022 by Erin Ferber

With the implementation of the No Surprise Act on January 1, 2022, patients, insurers, and regulatory authorities have begun taking a closer look at the billing practices of healthcare providers, especially for out-of-network providers. Due to decreasing reimbursement rates, increased oversight, and challenging hurtles to get credentialed, more providers are choosing to operate as out-of-network Read more →

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License Investigation Against Allegedly Impaired APRN Closed with a Finding of No Probable Cause

Posted on Firm News, Professional Licensure Investigations April 11, 2022 by Parker Eastin

The Firm successfully defended an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN/CRNA) against allegations that the APRN was impaired on the job, was diverting anesthesia drugs for the APRN’s own use, and was altering drug counts to cover up the diversion. The Firm investigated the allegations at issue and prepared a rebuttal statement that highlighted evidence that Read more →

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The Firm Secures AHCA Exemption for Convicted Felon

Posted on Firm News April 11, 2022 by Erin Ferber

After being told by other attorneys not to bother applying for an exemption to work at a healthcare facility regulated by the Agency for Health Care Administration, an Office Administrator came to Nicholson & Eastin for help.  Almost twenty years following a federal felony conviction, the Office Administrator was almost forced to resign her position Read more →

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